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Al Fara'a Precast has facilities in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi, where we produce . MT of precast per year.

Our main products include:

  • Beams and columns
  • Long span prestressed double-tee slabs and I-beams
  • Insulated external precast walls
  • Internal walls and partitions
  • Solid slabs, stairs, parapets and sunshades
  • Boundary walls and gates

Our quality control and management procedures consist of rigorous checks, reviews and inspections, ensuring standards compliance. All inspections are carefully documented and are used by site managers and production staff as a reference document to maintain quality. Our QC procedures cover the following:

  • mixing
  • pouring
  • testing
  • moulds and formwork
  • steel and cast-in items
  • curing and permeability

As part of our quality management system, regular training is provided in assessor and auditor skills.