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Al Fara'a Precast leads in its capabilities and scope of services. This has brought the company to its current position as the first choice for the construction industry, providing walls, bridges, specialised buildings and other structures.

Al Fara'a Precast produces to the following specifications:

  • ASTM standards for readymix, steel wire, steel bars, aggregates, impurities, Portland cement, chemical admixtures and test methods for specific gravity, absorption, particles and others
  • ACI standards for proportion selection
  • PCI MNL standards for quality control in architectural and prestressed precast products
  • BS for welding, readymix, aggregates, Portland cement, and test methods

Our design team members combine experience with an in-depth knowledge of industrial, commercial, domestic and leisure projects and applications. They provide design, calculation, scheduling and value engineering services that ensure maximum client satisfaction.